Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Grinch and Lump of Coal it "SHOULD" Be....

I'm telling you I'm so sick of yelling at my child that he's dwindling away my Christmas spirit. I know that he doesn't mean to (or maybe he does since I only notice him pushing my limits), but good grief how am I going to handle the terrible two's if this is what I'm dealing with now. My voice is hoarse from the one billion times a day I tell him to "Stay Out of the Christmas Tree NOW!!!" Or how about the thousand times a day I tell him not to pull the stockings down. Then there is the new things I have to yell about such as spitting, pinching, and biting. At the beginning of each day my telling him starts out nice, but after six or more hours of repetitively having to tell him not to do the same thing my patience are so thin I find my voice raised and patience no where to be found. Therefore I'm ready to change out his Christmas gifts for lumps of coal. Although he would probably finding getting black and sooty to be just as fun I bet...LOL.

I find myself in a rather grinchy mood due to all the hostility in the house. I'm not sure if I'm on edge due to AF being in town or what, but I'm sooooo not in the spirit. I know this weekend we have a couple of fun things planned such as going to see Christmas lights, the drive-thru live nativity scene at our church, and the
Christmas Candle Lighting here -> in Historic Roscoe Village. I'm hoping that this few things will put me in better spirits, b/c before I know it that big day will be here, and even before that I'll have to start the Christmas baking that I am elected to do each year, and I don't want to pass my bah-hun-buggy-ness onto anyone else. Wish me seasons greetings and Happy Holidays, b/c I'm hoping to pass what little bit of umph I do have in all that onto you my faithful readers.

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  1. Try time outs. A week of hell is worth the payoff in the end.


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