Friday, December 5, 2008

Calling All Prayer Warriors

Here is what has been going on with H*attie and H*unter.

In total she ended up needing 5 blood transfusions and 2 things of platelets. Her bleeding slowed to almost stopping, and she passed lots of numerous large blood clots. She had blood work done and and her white blood cell count was triple what it should of been, and she was running a temperature of 105.1. Her Dr. started her on antibiotics. H*unter wasn't tolerating his feedings and throwing them all back up.

Hattie's temperature has come down alot. It was 101.3 last time I talked to her. Her white blood cell level is still very elevated. She's still not held H*unter except for the day he was born laying beside her in bed. H*unter was given his first feeding at 9am this morning and he took in 20cc and held it all in tolerated it VERY well. He's had 2 more feedings since then one of 25cc and one of 20cc and tolerated them both well only had a little spit up after one. H*unter has also dropped 2oz of his weight upon weigh-in this morning since birth. But, now that he's tolerating feedings the Dr.'s don't look for it to be a problem.

Now for my many of you that know already are praying for them, but that those that don't know what is going on please if you can spare a prayer, would you? They can definitely use all the faith that anyone can put out there for them. As for J*ordan in all this he's being the ROCK. He's showed so much strength, and only broken down to cry when he heard H*unter's first cry when he was born and I saw him cry once on the phone talking to his mom away from everyone. He's being strong, and I'm trying to be there for all three of them. I'll keep you posted as things change.


  1. Hey.

    Tyler had the same. Wonder if it is a Preemie thing. Did they take him to childrens for the surgery since he is so small? I am glad Jordan is there for them and is holding it together. I take it she didn't need a Hysterectomy? I can't even imagine what she is going through. What and why does she have this infection? Do you think maybe she should get a second opinion at a different hospital??? I will pray for her. Please keep us updated.

  2. Hi Catrisha,

    I was just thinking about Hattie and wondering how she is doing. I hope things are going better today, and baby boy is still improving! ((hugs))


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