Sunday, December 7, 2008

Coming Home!!!

They both get to come home if things keep progressing for them both, on Monday. H*attie FINALLY got to hold H*unter today too. J*ordan said she sobbed. Melt my heart. I missed it. I've been up there everyday, except today b/c I'm soooo wore out, and wouldn't you know she finally felt up to holding him today and I missed it. Oh well, it was her moment any way. I'm so proud of her, that my heart feels like it might explode with joy. I can only pass on what I know and bestill in her all the motherly values that I have, and hope and pray that she will be an excellent mother. I'm excited that they will both get to come home together though. WOW!!! God does hear and answer prays. Thanks those that have said some. Now I'll leave you with a pic they sent me today. I love it eyes wide open......I just want to smoosh and goosh and kiss all over him.


  1. e for the good news. I have been thinking of you all so much. I can't believe Hattie now has a baby. Does she have a Myspace? How is the stomach since the bowel surgery? I am surprised they are letting him go home so soon. Tyler had his surgery at Akron childrens and they kept him for 3 weeks and sharted his feeds back after a week post op. Maybe he got something different. His was a rotation. Please keep us updated. You should get her to start a blog!


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