Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tying Up Loose Ends (Updates on Things)

Alright so I've wrote about a few things in previous entries that I really should bring you all up to speed on. First of all though.....I want to say there is two other entries before this one with pics of the little monster so check those out.

So here is the hype on what has been going on here. I've passed one kidney stone finally, and it hurt like hell. I still have 2 more to pass, but they are starting to break apart and shrink in size....YAYYY!!! On TTC#2 aspects, we've decided to wait until my annual exam next month before we jump into that train wreck again. I'm not looking forward to it, but if we want another I know it has to be done. Currently I'm on a weight-loss venture. I'm toying around at 220lbs right now give or take, which is a huge improvement from the 242lbs that I was back in March. So, some improvement, but I know I need more in order to get a BFP and sustain a successful pregnancy. So, we'll see what next month brings weight-wise and TTC-wise.

DH was just on vacation this past week, and I loved every minute of him being home. He spent so much time with *B* and they bonded alot. So, much so that when DH went back to work tonite *B* bawled at the door for a good 10min until I picked him up then another 30min or so in my arms. Breaks my heart, but I'm glad he's a Daddy's boy too. DH is doing good, working alot which is good for catching up and clearing up our debt. Bad for him b/c it's so hot and he works in a factory and is exhausted by the time he gets home. Otherwise he's good too.

I think I made mention of Hattie being pregnant again. A couple months back she was pregnant and made it to about 20wks and had a little boy prematurely. He didn't make it of course, b/c it was way to early. She had him b/c she acquired an infection that sent her into pre-term labor. Any way, she just found about a couple weeks ago that she's pregnant again, and for twins. However she needs prayers. Two sacks were found, but only one heart beat. She's had some spotting but nothing serious. She's on bedrest, but scared to death of losing another baby. She goes back to the Dr. this Thurs. for more bloodwork and another u/s to see what is to become of Baby#2. I feel really bad for her b/c she is already beside herself with grief over all of this and losing Hunter as well. So, if you have a moment send up a prayer for her, we would appreciate it.

Let's see at the beginning of June we took a four day weekend trip to KY to see my sister, pick up our pup, and attend my sister's baby shower.
Cousin C*ourtney and *B*:
DH posing infront of a chopper on base in KY:
Any way, I'm an aunt again now. She had little B*rylei A*nn on June 27th. She weighed in at 6lbs12oz and 20 1/2in long. She's so tiny, but definitely a cutie and a keeper.
All of my sister's kids (step and full):
I'm still waiting on my step-brother's fiancee to have their little girl. She's due in 20 days. Plus, I found out that my step-sister that is only 6months younger than me is expecting now too. She's due on Jan.22, 2009. I'm excited for her as well.

I think that is about it on the home front. Things are going really well here. I don't have much time for updating as I'm constantly running after and playing with *B*. Plus, we've just been enjoying fun times in the sun outside here at the house or at the pool. Hopefully, now that I'm caught up on things I'll stay that way. Hope that all of you are enjoying Summer'08 as well!!!


  1. I'm glad you got at least one of them through the gate. I'm sorry it was so painful, though. Not that it's any consolation, but the next two shouldn't be as bad.

    I'm so sorry to hear about Hattie's babies, that just so sad. I'll keep her and her baby in prayer.

  2. wow alot of people in your family having babies lucky them wish we could both get preg that fast your sis little one in very cute


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