Monday, July 28, 2008

Job Refusal

While the job sounded very exciting and very tempting for other reasons than the following, unfortunately it didn't offer adequate pay for the drive (92miles one way), the in-house child care program sucked ($250 a week with a 30% employee discount) and paying a friend or family member wasn't going to be all that bad, the pay still wasn't enough. After taxes paying for the cost of gas at it hovering at $4 a gallon and paying for child care (not at the daycare) I estimate to only bring home around or under $100 a week (probably the latter) which honestly isn't worth my time or the drive. We are doing fine now with only one income, it was just needing that break daily from *B* that perked my interest in the position, and having extra money for the holiday I dread that starts with a "C" that is looming closer and closer, and paying off some credit card debts. No fear though I guess we'll stick to the mundane and keep on pedalling along as we have been. Secretly I loving being a SAHM, and would rather do this job any old day any way. (wink, wink.) So, I declined the position graciously and I'm back to being a SAHM.


  1. I'm sorry the job didn't pan out for you! I know exactly how you feel.. I give you extra credit for being able to be a SAHM... I think the ideal situation would be a PT job and PT SAHM... :)

    You're doing a great job with B!!!

  2. I'm suprised that they would charge you for bringing your child to work with you. At the daycare where I work, its free. If we are eligible though, we do apply for the state help, which helps out the owner. On the flip side....she doesn't start people out at over $6.50/hr. You are very lucky to be able to stay at home....cherish every second my dear!

  3. Sorry it didn't work out, but it sounds as if it's for the best anyway. Enjoy your time with B!


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