Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No AF + Call To My OB/GYN + Bloodwork =


Argh!!! I figured as much, but of course I wanted to hold out hope that the Dollar Store test was just wrong. Unfortunately I have to go up on my dosage of synthroid AGAIN. (This makes like the umpteenth time sine I found out I have hypothyroidism.) I can't win for losing. I just wish my body would cooperate with my heart and mind in the baby making department. Now that my baby is no longer a baby per sae (he's still my baby just more toddlerish than baby now) I really want another baby so bad I can taste it. I guess I should be patient b/c all things happen for a reason, maybe it's just not the right season for it's happening. Any way, I'm going to put full effort into my weight loss and hopefully be down to my pre-pregnancy weight before I had *B* by the end of next month (fingers crossed that it'll happen) for my annual exam. Then my game plan at that time is to unfortunately hop back on the fertility treatment bandwagon. Hope aside, I pray it doesn't take me almost 6yrs to conceive #2 like it took me to conceive #1.

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