Wednesday, December 12, 2007


ARGH!!! So, I went to visit the GYN, and he had the vampires draw 6 vials for the cause of the visit. I had my TSH, Prolactin, FBS, Progesterone, HcG, and something else all tested. As well as peeing in a cup so they could see the same BFN I was seeing. Any way, back in October (I believe it was) my family Dr. took me off my synthroid for my hypothyroidism saying I now had hyperthyroidism b/c your levels are to be between .5 and 5.5 and mine came back .019 well below average. So, around that time AF stopped. No surprise to me though, b/c I don't think he let my hormones post-baby go back to normal. Any way, SURPRISE SURPRISE my thyroid is majorly out of whack now. It was 89.26.....EEEKKKKKK!!!! So, my GYN calls lets me know this is aggitated with my family Dr. and says he'll call him and fax over my test results. To this I get a snotty ass nurse calling me saying that they received a phone call from my GYN and the labs and Fam. Dr. wants to put me back on synthroid my dosage pre-pregnancy, oh and what was it again. Ummm HELLO!!! Am I the ONLY one who sees a problem with this??? Guess not since everything I'm supposed to let slide since my original Fam. Dr. left the practice and this new one has NO FREAKING CLUE!!! Just look at my damned file, isn't that what YOU get paid to do???

I had to tell her. So, I'm back to having hypothroidism, back on the synthroid dosage of 100mcg and back to inducing AF with freaking Provera. Could things get any worse??? Hopefully my body will bounce back respectfully and quickly so TTC#2 can get under way after the first of the year. Wish me luck?!?!

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