Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing you all the wonderous joys of the holiday season!!!


So, even though it is Christmas it sure doesn't feel like it around here. I really was looking forward to a white Christmas, and I know I still have a day yet to go, but I'm very doubtful in the matter. I definitely lack the holiday spirit as well. I know I should be over joyed as this my first Christmas as a mother, and I am really. I just can't get into the swing of the season and the festivites. I'm not sure what it is...maybe AF who knows???? I would rather just have a good cry instead. Otherwise things are good here. We had our Christmas dinner and gift exchange yesterday as it was the only time everyone could get together. I was nice but I'm exhausted and stressed from it. I played hostess to 14 people. I enjoyed myself as did all of them (hopefully). It was just in the end I felt guilty. Here DH and I are cutting corners and trying to save money, b/c he's looking at another lay-off at the first of the year. While his sisters are alot worse off money wise than us, and they went all out. Brennen got alot of nice things, and I know it's b/c he was the only one they had to buy for so they could spend alot. DH and I got #1's kids nice things too, but they didn't have nearly as many gifts as Brennen did. Plus, DH and I argued over the fact that he thought I showed favoritism toward my sister's little girl, b/c I got her the same things as I got #1's kids, plus 2 other gifts. I only did this, b/c my sister is going to be in 2 places I will for Christmas that we are doing a gift exchange and I was trying not to make Court feel left out at the exchange at my house. They were just small gifts. But I did feel bad, b/c I saw the looks on my other nieces and nephew's face. I know what's done is done now, but hopefully directly after Christmas I'll be able to find some good deals and make up for it to them. ARGH!!! and I wonder why I lack holiday hoo-rah. Hopefully I'll find it after some much needed sleep.


So, any way..... Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and if I'm not back around before 2008....A Happy New Year as well!!! HUGS TO ONE AND ALL!!!!

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