Thursday, November 15, 2007

Update of Sorts

*B* is FINALLY getting over his cold. He still sounds stuffy, but I would rather take stuffiness over snottiness any day. He gets his shots later today unfortunately, so he'll be thrown for a loop yet again, poor little guy. For some reason loud noises have been bothering him again. Before I know he had an ear infection, but alas he's finished his meds for it and while on his meds this wasn't an issue. It is again. So, I'm going to have his ears checked again today to see if he still has the infection in them. I just want my little guy to be healthy for a change, but I'm not holding my breath on any miracles with cold and flu season here and the temps going all whacky each day and night.

As for me well oral surgery went well. Unfortunately I now have dry socket that I'm dealing with. I was having tremendous pain still a week after the surgery. So I called the office where I got it done and they had me come in. Now, remember how I said I had a piece of mac and cheese stuck in my socket that got lodged there the day of my surgery? Well, it was there for 5 days before it finally came out. B/c of this I either lost my blood clot too soon or as I suspect it never formed, thus leaving me with dry socket. Can I just say that dry socket hurts like a bitch??? Well, it does!!! So, I've been having to drive 40miles to and from the office 3 times a week to have my socket cleaned and packed with medicated gauze in order to get over this. Which leads me to my gripe about the cost of gas and this trip...ARGH a financial strain on our wallet with Christmas coming for sure!! Not to mention that this procedure each time feels oh so good (hence the sarcasm). And with no pain meds left well yeah, OWWWWWW!!!! Otherwise I'm doing well.

I have more to whine, bitch, and complain about, but for right now it's 3am I have to get up early, I've got my millionth wind of the day and I still have bottles to wash, sterilize, and I'm off to do all that and hopefully wind down before *B*'s 8am wake up call. NITE!!

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