Wednesday, November 21, 2007


That is what my poor little man has. I thought that he was just getting his cold back again, but then his symptoms got worse in the last 24hours. So, I took him to the Dr. today, and that is the diagnosis I left with. I'm on high alert at watching his breathing and temps. I'm so scared. I've had many of friends or family members whose children have had this virus, and it's been horrible. My best-friend's little boy almost died from it. His cough is awful it comes from the very depths of his toes and shakes his how body with each one. He also has a rattling in his chest combined with the cough that gags him and makes him vomit. If his symptoms are still the same tomorrow I'm just supposed to continue doing what I'm doing which is antibiotics, tylenol, cool mist humidifier, and plenty of liquids. But if his rapid stomach breathing increases then he's off to Children's Hospital to be admitted. The Dr. is to call tomorrow to check on him. My poor breaks my heart to see him so sick and not really be able to do much for him. Please pray that he gets better, and nothing more serious comes of the situation. Thanks.


  1. I've been keeping him in prayer. I really hope he's doing better. {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Oh no! Your poor little guy! I hope he's feeling a bit better.

  3. Catrisha,
    How's the baby doing? Thinking of you!



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