Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Preparing for Thanksgiving


I know that this is a time of family, good food, and togetherness, but I believe that I have lost the holiday spirit with all the preparations that I have been making in order to be ready for the festivities. I am completely overwhelmed with all the dishes that various family members have asked me to bring, and more overwhelming than that is having to divide my time equally between all parts of my family so that they maybe able to spend precious moments with our newest addition to the family (*B* of course). As you probably have guessed everyone has decided to do their dinners on the same day. None at the same time, but I hate to have to go to someone's house scarf down some food, spend a little quality time, and run to the next house only to do it all again. And all this with an unpleasant child in tow.

He's STILL teething, although he's been doing that for weeks now, but I suspect his first tooth to break through any time as his gums have two little mounds that are swollen and white, and his drool has increased, as well as his cold symptoms (mainly the snotty nose) has returned, and his clingy crying has increased too. My only issue with his issues is that he wants Mama and ONLY Mama, so I'm getting NOTHING accomplished. (Speaking of, I'm sure I should be doing something other than typing this negative entry, but as soon as I jump into one of my many tasks he'll awake from his nap, and I won't get the task finished and that'll piss me off.)

Also, I'm beginning to wonder if his shots this past Friday has anything to do with the return of his cold??? He was just fine before then and then on Sunday that all changed. Against my better judgement I allowed the Dr. to give him his second dose of the rotovirus vaccine. Not sure if you've heard any of the research details on this, but it can case bowel obstructions and gastro problems. My little man already has a sensetive stomach, and I noticed his reflux occured shortly after the first dose of it, and now he's received the second dose and he's back to puking hardcore again and just not feeling well. (Repeat of his side effects after the first dose, which whithered out a bit a month after the first dose, but still.) So, I called the ped. to see what she thought on the issue, and she said if it was the vaccine that he should of shown much stronger side effects to the medicine before now, but to watch him closely through the holiday weekend, and worse case scenario go to the ER if need be, but otherwise she would call me Monday morning to see how he's doing. Drs. I swear we butt heads all the time any more. Hopefully I'm just jumping to conclusions and it's nothing, but a mother can't help but wonder and worry.

So, I feel as if I no longer am staying a float in preparing for Thanksgiving, but I know some how in the end I'll manage. I just pray that DH step ups and helps out and that little man cooperates with the plan. Wish me luck.

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