Monday, November 19, 2007

Can You Say "Stressed?"

Uh...yes...I can.

I hate to say this, but I now know why mother's go mad and kill their children. Not that I would ever dream of killing *B*, but I've had about all the whiny baby crying I can take for 24hours. Today started at 6am, which wouldn't of been too bad, except for my neices spent the night last night and they decided bedtime wasn't until 2:30am. *B* woke up at that time his normal cheery self. I went and heated his bottle like I always do, and then changed and fed him. All was well and he was beginning to doze in my arms, so I took him back to his room (where he slept for the FIRST time WITHOUT screaming every hour on the hour) and put him back to bed. Well, that time in his bed lasted all of 20min, b/c then I heard him cough, which isn't unusual since he's still getting over his cold, after that though came his baby babbles and I knew he was up for awhile. So, I let him lay in his bed for a few minutes longer until he started fussing. I then went to rescue him from the big new crib only to find that he had thrown up an EXTREME amount and had rolled through it, and was happily playing in. GAH-ROSSSSSSSSS!!! I've cleaned up a tremendous amount of nasty things that has came out of this child, but nothing could of topped this morning's findings. So, at about this time while I'm cleaning up *B* and bathing him my neices decide it's wake up time, and come asking me for cereal for breakfast. I had to yell for DH (who had just went to bed only an hour before this), whom I was supposed to be letting sleep, b/c he had to work tonite (which he never does) so that he may have 5 days off to spend with his family for the holiday, for help.

He then mumbles something and crawls out of bed to get the girls their breakfast, after doing so he graciously pours himself back into bed. So, my day was starting. By noon I was exhausted with no relief or a nap insight, so I called my SIL and told her that she was going to have to come get her girls, so I could put cranky pants down for a nap and catch some ZZZZZZ's myself. I think he was afraid he was going to miss something while the girls were running and jumping around, squealing and having fun. At 1pm she FINALLY arrived and not a moment to soon. I fed *B* a bottle and we snuggled together on the couch and both fell asleep. He woke me up at 3pm with a dirty butt, and ate a couple more ounces of a bottle, and then was out until 6pm when DH woke us up. From there it was all down hill. I had a load of *B*'s laundry that needed done, dinner to make, my own shower to get to rejuvenate myself, a cake to make for DH's work luncheon tomorrow, *B*'s bed to make, and the charger cord to his baby monitor to find. ARGH!!! So, I ordered pizza (a quick fix), had DH throw in a load of laundry while I hopped in the shower. The pizza arrived just as I was finished there, so we ate and I washed the dishes really quickly. At about this time *B* started being his often times unpleasant self, and he ONLY wanted Mama. So, I held him and fed him, but he still wasn't comforted afterwards. Finally I told DH, that he had to take *B* so I could get started on the cake for his luncheon since I wasn't going to have time to make it tomorrow. He agreed, but *B*'s unhappiness prevailed, and put me behind.

I made the cake while DH did everything in his power to try to make *B* happy. I knew I was in for a long night. At about this time DH had to start getting ready for work, and I still had a few things left to do and an unhappy baby on my hands. So, I tried relentlessly to rock *B* to sleep which was working until my dogs heard my neighbors who are on my nerves outside making a commotion and started barking at them. Of course I'm sure you knew what this means....I SCREAMING baby who is no longer falling asleep, and a DH who is about to walk out the door for work at any moment. I get the Drama King settled, as DH leaves and I go to make his bed, and hunt for the adapter for the montior. I get about halfway finished with the bed and need to move it out from the wall and go around it to finish,when I knock the shelf on the wall down on my head, yell "Shit!", startle *B*, and listen to him cry while I finish in pain. I come back out to the living room to hold him and put him to sleep once again, but this time he was having none of it. He was so worked up he had puked all over himself AGAIN!!! Back to the bath tub for him. I got him all cleaned and comforted some what and I put him in his bed. I had to let my poor restless little man CIO, b/c I had lost my patience and couldn't take any more screaming baby.

I STILL haven't found the adapter to the baby monitor after 2 hours of searching, and I knew exactly where it WAS too. Needless to say DH has been on a weekend clean sweep thing (preparing for family visits for Thanksgiving), and nothing is where I've left it, and he's not here to tell me where it is. The worst part about that is HE probably doesn't even know where it is, b/c he puts things "up" most times never to be seen again....ARGH!!!

To all this add in 2 annoying dogs, who won't leave one traumatized cat alone, retarded loud-ass neighbors, and a phone that rings off the hook, and you have a Mama who's lost her temper one to many times to count who really needs a drink right now, but can't b/c she's home alone with the baby. To top it off I'm a hormonally bitchy with what I hope is AF on it's way (still haven't seen the likes of her yet). Now with a day like this, I can see why mothers kill their children......Thank God for my level head and Zoloft!!! I can not wait for DH's 5 days off I need a mini break.

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