Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The End of Some Eras

Some good, some bad... all things must come to an end.

This past weekend really tugged at my heart strings. After months of the Monster growing out of things, I finally decided to have a garage sale. Selling clothing and toys that he's out grown didn't really bother me (well except for when he had a meltdown when a woman carried off a learn to walk with push toy lawn mower). What bothered me was finally breaking down and deciding to sell all the bigger baby items that DH and I had been storing away. On Thursday evening as I had help with one of my best-friends carrying *B*'s crib, changing table, swing, bassinet, bouncer, high chair, and walker to the garage to set up for the sale I reminisced over every item and the milestones he reached while using each item. My heart fluttered, my lip quivered, and as I told her things I remembered *B* doing in each item the tears started to flow. It was my choice to sell all these bigger items, and now that they are all gone I ponder if it was the right decision. We aren't doing any treatments, we're actually taking a break from TTC. I don't feel like "trying" any more honestly. I can't handle the heartache or heartbreak that comes along with it, and thus it kind of made the decision of selling off these items easier. I know my heart mourns the loss of the items, but I'll forever have my memories that were made with my son in each one. I just wish that we would of been able to make memories with another child in them as well. But, *B* will be 3 in less than a month and I just felt as though it was time to let go and well let whatever happens happen... I suppose if we get a BFP again and go to term we can always buy new like we did the first time.

The end of the second era all in the same week/weekend was I officially have a potty trained boy. He's not completely night trained yet, and we're still working on that and wearing pull-ups at night, but he's now sporting cute little El*mo, To*y St*ory, and outer space underwear through the day. I'm so proud of him. We've been doing the on and off potty training thing for 18mths (I know WAYYYYY to long) with him pooping in the potty pretty much all the time for the past year. We've had our set backs and what not, but this was surely a long time coming. And let me just say he's sooooo happy with himself. He's growing up all too fast, and even though I've been blessed to be a SAHM sometimes I think back and see how fast it's went and think I've missed so much even though I haven't. (That's why I haven't been blogging so much, I'm spending so much time with him b/c I don't want to forget a single moment, or miss it for that matter.)

The end of the third era in the past month that I'm thrilled about, but sadden about too is *B* is no longer co-sleeping with DH and I. We didn't do anything different really, except when we get up to make him use the potty at night we put him in his bed instead of returning him to ours. He's been coming to our bed for a year now (ever since we moved in the house), and DH and I were lacking in the sleep dept. Now, since we started that he's just not been coming to our bed at all. When he was a baby and in his bassinet I kept him in our room until he was almost 6mths old. When I knew it was time for him to be in his crib, b/c he was out growing the bassinet; I couldn't sleep at night, b/c I couldn't hear him breathing anymore except over the baby monitor which let's face it isn't the same. Now that's he's been in our bed for a year and even though I wasn't getting the best sleep, I was sleeping. Now that he's gone... I'm back to not being able to sleep again b/c he's not there to snuggle or hear breathing.

The end of the fourth and final era is death of a sippy cup. This was a hard one, and like bottle breaking really. He's cried for it, but I encourage him he can get the same refreshing drinks from a regular cup as he was his sippy. This was a combined effort of us doing this by him throwing his sippy cups out the window of our moving vehicle while going 60mph down the highway 4 different times, and the fact that I refused to spend more money on cups if he was just going to chuck them out the window. So, I put my foot down and disposed of all the sippies in the house and we're doing plain water in a regular cup with wet spots down our shirt right now. LOL! He's trying hard he's just impatient and used to chugging on the sippy cup and hasn't figured out how to master a similar technique on a regular cup yet without drenching himself. We'll get there it's just slow going.

But, like I opened with all things must come to an end and so must this entry. So, catch ya'll on the next entry and I hope that you're enjoying Summer 2010 with your loved ones as much as I am.

PS: You like the new blog design? And is there anything you'd like me to change if not?


  1. So sorry things have come to an end with TTC but better things are to come for your family I just know it!

    Sippy cup out the window at 60mph! Love it!

  2. LOL I can't believe he was chucking his sippy cups out the window on the highway lol Funny guy. You know, I know not one but two gals who got pregnant within the year of getting rid of all their baby stuff and not ttcing. : ) Almost like your body takes a collective sigh and relaxes and boom! pregnant again. (and btw another intense premonition dream happened recently.. and yea it was way too real and eerie)


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