Monday, December 21, 2009

Potential Hope

I had my mammogram done today. It wasn't all that painful really. My right side (the one with only a couple of swollen lymph nodes on and no lumps) wasn't painful to get done at all. The left side was a bit tender, but not unbearable (this side has numerous swollen lymph nodes and 2 lumps) and I guess the scan isn't supposed to hurt at all. It just felt like a little pressure squishing except for on the problem side. Any way, I asked the tech if she could tell me if she saw anything, and her response was I needed to talk to my Dr. Right then and there I lost it, everything I had running through my mind, all the stress, and the built up worry came pouring out in the form of an hysterical cry. I proceeded to tell her that I had to wait until after Christmas to know any results and it wasn't fair and I just knew that I wasn't going to be able to enjoy the holiday b/c of it. I told her that I've been worrying myself sick and not getting sleep b/c my mind runs a million miles a second about what's going on when I lay down. I then said I was hoping maybe just maybe you would of been able to tell me something so I could enjoy Christmas with my family. She couldn't believe that since they would have the results in about an hour that they were making me wait until after Christmas. I told her there were no opening and double bookings with the holiday and they took an extra day for it. So, she said words to me that felt like a ton of brick had been lifted from my chest and gives me hope. She said "I'm no Dr. and I'm not the radiologist who gives the Dr. the image results, but I have done this scan on numerous women that have came in and did/does have breast cancer and your images look nothing like theirs do." Insert my huge sigh of relief right here. I just hope and pray she's right and really does know what she's looking at and not just giving me false hope.


  1. Well thats good news if you ask me!The techs pretty much always knw what there talking bout.They get ppl in all the time.I wouldn't worry yourself so much!Call me!cya

  2. I've been praying! I can't believe you're having to wait this long to find out, that is really not right.



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