Tuesday, December 29, 2009

4 Christmases: 2 Days

In true Baby Dream fashion I'm late on yet another holiday post... LOL. I will say that my lack of blogging is due to my insane ambition to keep my mind busy while I tried not to drive myself crazy waiting on my mammogram diagnosis (check out the post below this one on those results). Any how, around this family since my parents are divorced and my mother is estranged from her side of the family while I am not, it means we have 4 Christmases in 2 days time. Most time it works out well as everyone schedules their get-together on a different day at a different time, but this year I ran into a little conflict that I quickly resolved by moving DH's side of the family to another day and time. Everything turned out GREAT for the most part except for missing family members that weren't able to be or choose not to be present. I got to see my little brother for the first Christmas in 5yrs... HUGE plus. There were no family squabbles, and I didn't gain any weight... MAJOR plus. The only things that didn't make it feel like Christmas was it's wasn't snowy outside, instead it was raining and melting of the snow. H*attie and her family, B*lu and her family, and my step-sis A*manda and her family weren't able to/decided not to attend the family gatherings. Otherwise it was the best Christmas in a long shot.

In the Baby Dream household this is how our Christmases went down this year. On Christmas Eve around noon we combined my Dad and little brother with DH's side of the family. Here are some pictures from this event:

Later on Christmas Eve around 4pm we packed up the vehicle full of all the yummy cookies I had been making, the cheesecake, and presents and headed out to my Aunt's house. There we enjoyed lots more family, good food, unwrapped Christmas ornaments from our annual ornament exchange, and then played board games in true family fashion. All this before leaving a little after 9pm to head home and put out cookies and milk for Santa. Here are pics from this gathering:

On Christmas morning was our third Christmas and that was just the 3 of us. Nice quiet and quaint. *B* opened his loot from Santa, we had sticky buns for breakfast, we cleaned up, and then got ready to head out to my Mom's for our fourth and final Christmas. Here is pics from our Christmas of 3:

Our fourth and final Christmas was at my Mom's. More food, more family. Pics from it:

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