Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm Going To Be An Aunt To.....

another niece. My sister found out on Valentine's Day, but I haven't really gotten to write about it until now. This is going to be her second and final baby as her DH is getting out of the army in '09. He already has 2 other children from his ex-wife, so this will be his fourth and her second. Se wanted a boy, but is happy non-the-less and I'm happy for her. My brother's girlfriend finds out what they are having on March 10th and my step-sister I'm not sure what is up with her and her pregnancy as I haven't heard much about it and I think she's keeping it all hush-hush. So, this is exciting news, my little sister is evening out the playing field of cousins by adding the only girls to the mix. That makes 3 boys counting *B* and soon to be 2 girls with this new addtion on the way. I'm curious to see what the other two are having.

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  1. Hey Catrisha. Congrats on all the pregnancys. I know this must be really hard on you but am proud of you for being so strong. I can't believe Brennen is crawling already. Give me a call sometime when you have time and Cody is working. I would love to talk. We need to catch up.


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