Friday, February 22, 2008

MIA- and for good reason

As, I'm sure you're all well aware on any board I frequent that I've been MIA. Not long after my last entry here DH fell off a machine at work and hurt his back quite badly, as well as broke the entire tip off his tailbone. So, for the past couple of weeks I feel like I've had no time for anything. Between caring for *B* which is my full-time job, and then taking care of DH which has become my part-time job, that leaves little to no time for me. DH is doing better now, but still I feel as if he's my second child these days. He's back to work as of this week on light duty, which is sitting on his butt and twiddling his thumbs (he'll even tell you that is all he does, b/c there is nothing else for him to do). He's on day shift (a major switch up from 7p-7a nights), which is a blessing and a curse all in one. The blessing is he's not missing so much of *B*'s daily activity in the height of his awake time, the curse is DH and I are spending to much time together which we aren't used to anymore and all he does is whine about this or that, so our fighting (errr bickering) is out of control. I don't know though I guess the upside is we're working on things between us.

Secondly, I've been gone, b/c I'm in funk computer wise. I'm not sure if it's that time of year, b/c I see a pattern in my writing around this time of year, or if things on the internet just seem redundant anymore. Who knows???

Any way, I'm up for this blogging challenge that I've agreed to at COF (a board I frequent), so I'm going to try to take at leat 10min a day to myself to jumble my thoughts into words and get an entry out once a day, minus weekends of course. Hopefully I'm able to do it. Good Luck to the rest of you doing this blog challenge as well. I have many things to write about, but for now I'm off to tend to DH who's bellowing at me from the couch....arghhhhh!!!! Until Next time.............

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