Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beta 1 and Beta 2

I couldn't hold out until Friday. I'm an impatient person what can I say. I went ahead and had to call an OB/GYN to get in b/c I was having alot of cramping (still am actually) and I had a bit of (TMI ALERT!!) brownish mucous discharge. I've been having that discharge every morning when I wake up and that's it. I'm assuming it's old blood and nothing more, that's coming out from over doing it the day/night before. Mostly b/c I've been trying to keep myself occupied but take it easy at the same time (easier said than done with a 2yr old but I'm trying), but every night I go to bed with my belly aching and every morning I wake up refreshed with no pain. So, any how I called and I got in to see an OB (that made me feel very uncomfortable when sitting between my legs to wand me, but that's another entry) and I got an initial beta done Thursday and a repeat 48hr beta done on Saturday. My initial beta level was 101! I'm not sure of my repeat as the password that the OB's office gave me to get my results was incorrect when I called. So, I have to wait until tomorrow morning to see what is going on. I'm hoping and praying for doubling numbers.

As far as test taking goes to make me feel better... they haven't. I've taken 8 tests since Wednesday. They're not getting darker in intensity at all. In fact they're pretty much the same darkness, which scares the hell out of me. There is still a line there, and a line is a line which is reassuring... but not getting any darker like they should makes me very nervous with my history of m/c. Guess the second beta # will prove to be what is to come of this pregnancy. Just please keep me and this little gummy bear in your prayers if you can spare some.... thanks.


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