Sunday, April 11, 2010


better late than never. This year it was difficult to have an Easter celebration with the sickies in our home. (Speaking of which I'm now sporting a lovely case of the stomach flu that *B* and DH had first.) Any how, there was a day before it got cold outside again when they got better, before I got sick that we were able to have an Easter egg hunt. But, coloring eggs was pretty much DH and me... *B* got in on like two eggs as he just didn't feel up to it. And opening of *B*'s 3 Easter baskets was not done until this past Wed. as he just did not feel up to it until then. (Why 3 baskets? Only one from us the other two were from family members houses that we had to for go dinner at b/c of the sickies.) So, here for your viewing pleasure is our Easter week... ENJOY!


  1. He is so stinking cute! I am sorry to hear you were all sick, and hope that you are feeling better. I'm glad you were able to enjoy Easter without any further drama.


  2. WHAT a cutie! And being a sickie is NO fun and even more no fun on holidays. Glad you're getting better! Have a wonderful week!!!


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