Monday, September 5, 2011

Quality Time

Today I spent quality time with the Little Miss, while DH and The Monster spent time together. The Monster has really been feeling left out since *A* arrived, but not so much today. Him and DH went to what us country folk call fun... the mud runs. It's this huge mud pit that trucks, jeeps, SUVs, and 4-wheelers drive threw trying to get the fastest time to win money. The Monster got to play in the mud and get down & dirty. He came home and couldn't quit talking about it... him or DH. I wish I could of went, but instead I stayed home, caught up on sleep with the Little Miss, and was kept updated via text messages. Here are some pictures of my baby boy having fun.
Starting to play in the mud
With his Uncle getting ready to ride in a truck
Going on his mud run
Playing in the mud

More mud play

Showing off his muddy self

His cute chubby & muddy self all done playing and ready to go home

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