Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Allergies & Post-partum Visit

I can't hardly believe that today Little Miss *A* is 6wks old. It doesn't hardly seem possible that she could be this old already. She's getting more consistant about her sleeping schedule at night. She'll take a bottle around 10pm, then one around 2-3am, and then 6am. After each feeding she goes straight back to sleep until the 6am feeding then she wants to be awake. Usually throughout the day after each feeding she is awake for anywhere from 1-3hrs and then just catnaps for 30min-1hr when she does sleep. At each feeding she is now eating 2.5oz (75ml's).

She had to go to the Dr. today to be seen for a rash that is all over her head and neck. While we were there she was weighed and measured. She now weighs 7lbs12oz and is 19in. This still puts her in the 5th percentile on preemie growth charts. Any way, we were there for her rash. As it turns out she has a severe allergy to something. Her pediatrician asked if we did anything different (which we hadn't), and said it could be anything from our body soap, to lotion, to perfume/cologne, to laundry detergents. He told us to change each thing one at a time to something that was scent-free and dye-free if we thought it was something we were using. After thinking about if we had changed anything different I remember that the Pu*rex scent crystals scent I had been using I had changed to another scent. So I'm going to quit using that and see if it helps. In the meantime we have to use hydrocortisone .5% cream on her affected areas.

I also had my 6wk post-partum visit today. Everything is looking good, and I was advised against unprotected intercourse for the next year. The OB asked if there was a type of birth control that I had used before for prevention, and there hasn't been. There has only been BCPs I've used to reduce cysts. He asked what we planned on using for birth control, and honestly other than condoms and DH getting the big V after the first of the year I hadn't thought about it. We are definitely done with our one boy and one girl... but I don't think that preventing is something that we should have to worry about with all the IF issues we have faced. I know that we've conceived both of our babies naturally without the help of medical intervention when we had given up trying so it can and could happen again, but preventing just isn't for me or us. I feel that even though I've went through 2 rough pregnancy & deliveries, and had 1 preemie that if God (or devine intervention at this point) intends for us to conceive another child before the big V, then that is what will happen. In the meantime condoms it is... when we're not to tired to do all that and when we remember.

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