Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Year Older

Today I'm yet another year older. I'm 27. I don't hold high hopes for today as I've been let down so many years in the past. As you grow older I guess you just tend to expect less. The only I expect for today is for my IRL friends and family to forget all about my birthday until very late in the day. To cry, b/c my heart will be hurt and broken b/c of this. To not get a single card, gift, or present from anyone including my DH b/c I haven't since I turned 18 except from my Dad. And for it to be just another day that I grow older and my feelings are forgot about.

By this age, I had hoped in my grand scheme of plans long ago that I would be a mother to 3 wee babes running around my home with soft laughter and loud pitter patter of their feet. Geez, how I was ever wrong. I have one miracle blessing, and while I do have laughter and pitter patter I long for more children. I had hoped to have an amazing DH that never forgot about my birthday, bought me gifts without having to be reminded or told to, and/or took me out to dinner to celebrate my life on my important day. I have an amazing DH, and for me I guess the rest of that is only men I see in movies.

Oh how I wish that all those birthdays ago that if I had only knew then what I know now about my marriage and infertility that when I actually had my birthday celebrated before becoming an adult I would of used my wishes when blowing out my candles on my cakes for my life now to be so differently. Maybe if I'm lucky this year will be different and DH will surprise me. I have 24 more hours left to find out. If so I'm definitely using my wishes wisely. I'll let ya'll know what happens.

Oh and in case you're wondering since it is Friday the 13th, and my birthday... no I'm not superstitious at all. It's just another day and 13 is actually my lucky number.


  1. Happy birthday! xxx ps Drop more early birthday hints. I go on about my birthday for WEEKS beforehand...I'd love to think he'd remember but, just in case, I remind him!

  2. Happy birthday. I hope that none of the forgetting you fear happened, but that instead, all of the people in your life remembered and celebrated your special day.

    I am personally glad you are in this world.


  3. I now husband wasn't big on Birthday cards or presents. But I would go all out for him, but that's who I am. After a while, as much as it hurt me too. I started to not give him cards or gifts. I could tell it bothered him and on one of our arguements he mentioned it and I told him as childish as I was acting by doing the same thing, I was also hurt that he didn't do anything for me.
    Now, it's so different. He will always do something special for me. He tries to surprise me too sometimes. But it took a long time to get there.

  4. I'm a little late, took off work and haven't been on the computer, sorry. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a wonderful day. :)


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