Sunday, November 8, 2009


I complain alot about how people tend to say things to me at so not the right times. This includes my DH as well. He is the most supportive man in the world, and while I fell apart when my sister told me her good news he just held me. But he has his flaws like any man. Lately I've noticed that he's been doing alot of opening mouth inserting foot type of thing. That's fine when it's petty things that I make a fuss about at first but then never give a second thought to. But his timing on bringing up baby making this morning sucked. We were in the middle of BDing (actually had just started) when he asked if I took meds this month. I know he had to of known I didn't b/c the first injection of every month I have butterflies and just can't bring myself to do it, and so he has to do it for me. Yet he goes on to say that I was thinking since your sister is pregnant and all that if you did this would be a good time to try for another baby. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? Of course this is a good time, but I hate my Dr. and you know that and although I've seen a couple of other Dr.s since my last totally messed up medicated cycle I haven't found one that I've felt like I just "click" with. He knows all this. He totally killed the mood for me. Not the right timing to me at all, but to him it was since it had to do with baby making and we were DTD any way. I swear I love this man, but there are times that he's sooooo very clueless. We'll get back to TTC#2 soon enough, but I don't find this to be the right time just b/c this person or that person is pregnant and he feels the need to compete. I asked him even if he was doing this b/c he knew my heart was hurting? His answer.... "No, my biological clock is ticking." (shakes head) Another not the right thing to say at this time response.

I'm curious how are your DH's with timing and responses to sensetive subjects such as this or others? Am I the only one with a clueless DH, or are the hardwired to be like this and not even realize it bothers us?

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