Friday, July 10, 2009

BCPs For Me

I'm so angry with my body. Just once I wish the damned thing would do what I want it to. I had an u/s this morning to make sure there weren't any residual follicles/cysts left from last cycle and sure enough there is one 14mm one on my right ovary. ARGH! So, I'm taking this next month off and taking a packet of bcps to shrink said follie. Got to love the waiting game of fertility treatments. ERRRR!

On a side note the plus side is I know my protocol for next month...and it's VERY aggressive. I'm semi-excited!

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  1. I am so sorry Catrisha. I know this was a heart breaker. Now you know why you have ovarian pain the other day when I was there. Like you said at least you know the "plan" for the following month. I am glad it is aggressive. Whats the plan?


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