Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July & Brennen's 2nd Birthday Party

I know I'm a week late on posting this, but I've been super busy, and super down in the dumps. Any way, it was a great time filled with great food, family, and friends. On the 4th we went to a cookout at my aunt's house which was more like a family reunion type thing, b/c there were SO many people there and I only knew about 5% of them. Later that evening we walked the small little block and a half to the county fair grounds with J*odie and the boys and watched the fireworks. It was an EXCELLENT display this year and *B* and the boys were so cute about the "BOOMS!" Once that was over we were all back home where my cousin, her boyfriend, and my 2nd cousin joined us to fill our house to capacity for the night. It was alot of fun, but the next day brought ALOT of stress for me. I had help, but I felt overwhelmed in the last minute preparing for *B*'s party. I made 14lbs of sloppy joe, along with hotdogs, that morning. Plus, we had to set up the back yard with tables, a tent, and the luau decorations. All in all there was a good turn out, everyone got there bellies full, and everyone has said they had a GREAT time!! Here is a slide show from the weekend.

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