Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He's Growing SOOOO Fast

It seems like just yesterday I found out that I was pregnant with *B*. Now he'll be 10months old tomorrow. He's doing so many new things daily. His new word is "Doggie-oggie-oggie", which he's been saying all day long the past 2 days. And for the past month "Mama" has completely left his vocabulary, which makes me sad. I know it will return, but I miss hearing it. Just in the past few days he's developed brave pants. He'll pull himself up to something then walk along it until he gets within steps of his next destination, and let go and take those couple of steps to the next point. For me this is the last baby stage, before he hits the pre-toddler stage. He is also very curious about EVERYTHING, and he's definitely got to check everything out by putting it in his mouth. This is the stage I hate, b/c nothing is safe. The highlight of my day is chasing him away from the dog's food and water bowls, and/or digging dog food out of his mouth if he sticks it in there and I don't catch him before hand. Of course by this point his attitude is WELL developed and he throws himself back into a heck of a tantrum.

Naptime in his crib has once again ceased to exist. If he's not in one of our arms or his head on our lap, he's not taking one. However bedtime is so routine now that I breeze right through it and he's out for the night. The saddest part is sometimes, I wish bedtime would come faster. Around 6pm he starts with a meltdown, and from there till bathtime it's all down hill. After his bath he is fine, but it's just that hour until then that makes me have to color my hair at 24!!! I do love my boy with all my heart though, so I just grit my teeth and bare through those moments.

He loves his outside time. He will actually cry to go out, and cry when it's time to come in. That has got to be the boy in him. He's also MEAN!!! Oh my is he ever mean. He will chase the cat then tackle it and hold it down till the cat cries, or he'll pull the cat's hair or tail, and then laugh about it. He hits with his toys, and pinches. I have no clue where he picked up these habits b/c we don't do them, but he has them and laughs when he does it. I assume it's that cause and effect stage...he does the mean task, and then waits to see what us or the animals are going to do back. This is one stage that I don't much care for, since he's mean about it.

Any way, I just can't believe how incredibly fast he's growing. Before I know it these next two months will be up and he'll be one. It really is cliche yet true what they say..."They grow like weeds, b/c time flies." That's why I try not to blink, b/c I'm afraid to miss a single moment.

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