Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July

Our 4th was spent leisurely hanging out in our pool. Nothing special or too over the top for a change which I really liked. We just spent it as a family of four. We had our own little cookout & went to our local fairgrounds to watch the fireworks. They were short lived by a severe thunderstorm that rolled in before they were over. After it passed we just sat on our front porch letting *B* do sparklers & listening to the thunder off in the distance. Nothing big like I said, but that is how I like it these days.
Hanging out in the pool before the fireworks
 My little firecrackers decked out in their red, white, & blue
 Mommy & *A*
 *B* doing sparklers

Mommy & her babies in our 4th of July best

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