Sunday, July 8, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I can't believe it's been so long since I've wrote anything here. I think about writing all time, but finding time with two completely clingy hands-on all the time children is very difficult. Let's see where should I begin... probably the beginning... lol! Ok so I'm just going to do a highlight reel.

Let's see, after I last wrote me and my kids played revolving sickies swap every 3wks until about the end of March. *B* would bring us something new & exciting (hence the sarcasm here) home from school, then he wouldn't stay out of *A*'s face, and well I was caring for them both while DH worked so we all had it. By the time I got him better I was sick and *A* was just starting to get better he would bring us something else home. The boy can't seem to keep him hands or mouth off of germy things. That really took alot out of us/me. The worst things was the bronchitis he caught and brought home at Thanksgiving time that gave me walking pneumonia and gave *A* RSV. Oh and then there was pink eye which seemed to last in our house even with washing EVERYTHING down for 2 whole months. Come to find out it was on a toy he was playing with at school that the teacher wasn't cleaning and that's how he kept bringing it back. Thank God pre-school is out now, but I'm dreading kindergarten this fall.

In mid-December we got another BFP. Shocked? Yep, so were we. That was short lived though as I fell through the cracks during the holidays & with my low rising progesterone issues the little bean didn't stick. In fact I still wonder what happened, b/c at the first ultrasound in early 2012 there was nothing at all (even though I was still getting BFPs) except for a thickening on one side of my uterus and it looked spongey where the follicle/embryo "might" of implanted. Yet there was nothing to indicate m/c at this point. So, I was given three options on what to do and I chose a medicine that would start my bleeding so I was expel whatever was in my body of a pregnancy and after 7-10 days of bleeding if it hadn't slowed I was to start & stay on bcps to regulate my AFs, prevent further pregnancies, & shrink the large cyst that was found on my right ovary. Can I just say as a person who has only ever used bcps for short periods of time to reduce cyst sizes in my entire life... I HATE THE SIDE EFFECTS OF BCPS!!

In the spring *A* started pulling herself up before she learned how to crawl. She still isn't walking, but she's now a super fast crawler & cruises along everything. *B* graduated pre-school & is all set to start kindergarten in the fall. DH started talking to his sisters again after H*attie had a home fire where her, her husband, & step-children lost everything. At that time H*attie informed us she signed away her rights to *H* & he was adopted by his new step-mom. I started trying to have a better relationship with my Mom this past spring after she had a heart-attack & I realized life is way too short to worry about all the other things but your family.

And those are the significant high-lights I can remember. I'm sure there's more but they must not be that important or I'd be able to remember them better. All this has brought those who still check in on me from time to time up to speed for this summer, and I'm going to try to write at least once a week as I can remember. I mean *B*'s 5th birthday just passed & I need to write about that, and *A*'s 1st birthday is right around the corner. Plus, I've gotten some devastating health news recently I need to write about. So, stick around there will be more to come in the coming days & weeks.

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