Monday, June 16, 2014

Dusting Off the Blog

Hi Everyone! Remember me??

It's hard to believe that it's been almost 2yrs since my last post. Time sure does fly when you're having fun, right? So, any way here's a brief update on the Baby Dreams family...

I have an almost 7yr old & an almost 3yr old. WOW! hat seems crazy to me. *B* is grong like a weed. He'll be a 2nd grader in the fall. He's really into sports, too. Right now we're in the midst of t-ball season with him. DH & I have been coaching his team for the last 2yrs. That is an adventurous task for anyone that's not ever done it. Having 10-15 kids that are 4-6yrs old... yeah alot of patience is required At the end of next month he'l be starting football (one of my favorite sports!) & I'm excited to see how he does. :)

*A* is also growing, but more like at a snails pace, as I say. LOL! She's still our Little Miss. While she loves to be all dressy, have her little bit of hair done, & her nails painted; she still likes to get down & dirty and play in the mud with her brother's trucks. She's my little country princess. She also loves sports. When we go to the ball field for game day, she's all about throwing the ball too while the other kids warm-up. Right now I'm trying to potty train her. It's a hit & miss ordeal, nothing like her brother was. I wish she would get the hang of it, so we can get her out of diapers & pull-ups b/c....
I'm pregnant!!! Yep, I'm completely cliche & sound like the 16 & Pregnant show. LOL! Any way, I'm 14w2d today. This pregnancy has been nothing textbook at all. I had low rising progesterone & had to have PIO shots until a couple days shy of 11wks. The baby had a low heart rate in the beginning. I.had a blood hemangioma in/near my uterus (it's aborbed now). p've had cramping & minor spotting. And, I've already failed my 1hr GTT that I had to take b/c I had GD with *A*. I have to take the 3hr GTT this Wed. :( So, not looking fwd to that! Or the potential of me having GD again. Otherwise I'm just a plugging along in this pregnancy.

So' that's my uodate in a nutshell. I'm going to "try" to update regularly now that I'm pregnant again, but I'm not making any promises. Having 2 active little ones makes it hard.

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