Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sorry To Keep You Waiting But...

I'm still waiting too. :( We went to the gender u/s & of course our little one wouldn't cooperate with revealing his or her bits. The Dr. went over everything and said that all perfect parts of our little Lovebug were just that... PERFECT!! In the beginning of the u/s he thought he saw little boy parts, but at the end of the u/s he thought the baby was looking more like a girl. I'm kind of thinking that my Dr's u/s equiptment might be from the Ic*e A*ge or something actually. I mean I know the TV we get to few the u/s on is since I can only get VHS tapes made of the u/s and I don't even own a VCR. But alas I took my camera and shot a video. Be fore-warned when you watch this video that it is VERY shakey at some points and may make you nauseous... the camera switched hands from mine to DH's at a point b/c I had to push on my belly and reposition my fat flap so the Dr. could get a better view. You can see the shots he did get from between the legs, and tell me what you think. And if you want to hear the commentary from the u/s turn up the volume. :)

Baby was in a breech anterior position for most of the u/s so it was hard to see things. Plus, the baby was in this knees to his or her chest with his or her ankles crossed in an indian style seating position. But, as I said you can watch the video and tell me what you think the gender is from seeing other u/s's. DH won't let me buying anything with a specific pink or blue color since we don't know. I'm bummed about that... but at least we'll get to try for a second attempt at the gender on April 11th. However I'm thinking about going to a 3D/4D ultrasound places in a week or so to get another u/s done, but this time in 3D/4D.

Enjoy the video and Happy Hump Day!!

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