Sunday, January 16, 2011

Things Are GREAT!!

Hey Dreamers! Sorry that I've kept you waiting in the shadows so long without a proper update on me and how the pregnancy is progressing. (I'm going to knock on wood before I even begin.)

Today I am 10wks1day pregnant. I haven't had much in the way of pregnancy symptoms other than a few boughts with nausea, a pizza face look from acne, morning sickness three times thus far, and headaches.

I've been on bedrest since I found out that I am pregnant and went the Dr. for the first time (12/18/10). The bedrest has only been a precaution since I've had early m/c's to prevent another one. I found out that I have low rising progesterone early in this pregnancy, and my new OB is suspecting that to be the cause of my prior m/c's. Due to the low rising progesterone I've been on PIO shots. Let me tell you the hips are killing me, and I'll be greatfully glad to be finished with them between 12-14wks.

I've been getting u/s done every other week, which I LOVE! It is incredible being able to see how my second baby has grown and changed this early on. The first time that I heard and saw the heartbeat was on 12/31/10. It was amazing, and afterwards even the nurses in the office commented on how much I was glowing. I was so relieved, not even words can explain. Just this past Friday I saw the little Lovebug (the nickname I'm dubbing this new baby) again, and s/he is looking like a gummy bear now. The heartbeat went from 120bpm to 167bpm from the 12/31 u/s to the 1/14 u/s.

I wish I had more to make note of, but I really don't other than to say that things are GREAT (like my title says) and progressing nicely. I'm going to leave you with my u/s pics, and apologize before time that they are blurry. They are pictures of the paper pictures taken from my cell, and they're not the best quality but you can definitely tell what you're looking at. (I promise that as soon as my husband gets our printer/scanner down from our hutch that I'll scan the real deal for ya'll.) So, without further ado here ya go....

12/18/10- Gestation not yet determined.

Gestational sac is little black oval in middle.

12/31/10- Gestation determined at 7w3d or 7w5d depending on measurement.1/14/11- Gestation determined at 9w6d (Looks like a gummy bear doesn't it?)
Head is to the left, arm buds in middle, leg buds to the right.

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