Monday, January 24, 2011

Errrr!!!! (Edited)

Thank you Krystal for your comment and advice. It was a problem with Blogger. It's now fixed and my blog is now sporting a new makeover. ENJOY ya'll!! :)

Seriously Blogger is pissing me off. I've always made my own headers for my blog using GIMP. I just had a GIMP header up but it was still on the Christmas theme. So today, b/c I had time, I decided to make a Valentine's Day header and put the matching background from TCBOTB with it. Now the old header and even the new header are all distorted looking. I'm seriously about to have a meltdown. I didn't just spend the last 2hrs working on this to have my blog look like shit. I'm sorry to anyone visiting... I don't know what the problem is, but I will try to figure it out and fix it. Please just bare with me. And in the meantime if you have any ideas (aside from uploading my header to a another site like Photobucket which I've done) please feel free to clue me in. Thanks and have a GREAT rest of your Monday.


  1. Did you make sure when putting up the header image you clicked on Shrink to fit? Don't know if that would help, otherwise if you use html check to make sure the html isn't modified beyond it's dimensions.

  2. I clicked shrink to fit. But I always use the correct width size. I even changed back to the old background and header and it's now distorted when it wasn't before. I'm wondering if it's a CBOTB issue. I think I'm going to message them and blogger and hopefully see what's up. Thanks for commenting Krystal!! :)

  3. Glad it's fixed! Always a pain when headers don't cooperate!


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