Friday, May 21, 2010

Lack of Patience and The "Friend"

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Any way, back to regular scheduled blogging...

It seems that my adorable, bubbly, blond hair, blue-eyed, 2yr old Monster, *B* is really testing his limits these last couple of weeks... and of course with that Mommy's patience. I hate to complain, b/c he is a blessing... but dang when will the terrible 2's be over? And please don't tell me age three isn't any better, b/c I've already heard that. I'm not sure why he's being like this other than the bad influence of my Dad, little brother, and little brother's mom. Only problem is since my Dad and I had that falling out he hasn't been around any of them except one time, and that was for maybe 15min. I know his mind is a like a little sponge and it's always "Monkey see, Monkey do, Monkey get in trouble too" with him, but I don't think he realizes that their actions are totally inappropriate and he shouldn't be copying them. He's taken to talking back, not wanting to eat, belching loudly and not excusing himself, covering his ears so he's not able to listen, throwing things, and wanting to fight constantly as just a short run down of things. I can't hardly take or stand his actions, and I find myself having to count to 10 numerous times a day or put him in time out constantly. He's even acquired a few hand and butt swats, neither of which have phased him though. I'm just at my wits end with this, and I'm not sure what else to do. I can't just ride out this phase, b/c I don't know how long it will last. Plus he needs to know that his actions aren't suitable, but other than being the example that I already am and telling him he shouldn't do this or that for whatever reason; what more can I do? Advice is welcome.

During all this unruliness though, *B* has acquired a new friend. An imaginary friend. I first started noticing him talking to himself little by little here and there about three months ago, but then it dissipated. Then when we found out we were pregnant before we found out it was a chemical pregnancy last month it started up again. Only it's more than just talking now. I have to tuck the "friend" in bed with him. I have to wash the "friend" at bath time too. He eats half of his meals then pushes his "friend" his plate to eat the rest of it. He throws fits while going into a store that I've left the "friend" in the car. I assume the "friend" is much older than *B*, as he has a job and gets a paycheck and isn't here during the days most the time, but I have no clue honestly. I'm handling the "friend" quite well all except for I can't see him and never know where he is and for the name that *B* has chosen to give him. The "friend's" name is Booger Butthole. Yes, you most certainly read that right. I'm not sure where he came up with that name, but imagine walking into Wal*Mart while your child is screaming and flailing around in the cart screaming at the top of his lungs, "Mommy, you left Booger Butthole strapped in the car! Mommy go out and get Booger Butthole! Mommy Booger Butthole is scared b/c he's all alone out there!" Totally Mortifying!

I've tried to persuade him to change the "friend's" name to something different, and he will for about an hour. Then it always goes back to the current name. I'm hoping this phase too is VERY quick lived, b/c trying to explain why my child has chosen some off the wall name for an imaginary friend that they think he shouldn't have in the first place is proving to be a defeating task. Lord help us!!


  1. I am cracking up here reading about B's "friend" Booger Butthole!

  2. Oh my - that is a name! I totally feel for you in that situation you described in the store. I hope he grows out of it soon...


  3. LMAO love the name of the friend!!

    Happy ICLW!!

  4. The name!! ha Love it!!!

    Happy ICLW #18

  5. Jodi (dylansmama)May 22, 2010 at 3:08 PM

    Oh dear! Booger butthole Well it was probobly funny the first time, but you are right, totally innapropriate... Vivian is as well going thru this horrifying stage and honestly all I can say from having gone thru it with Dylan is stick to your guns and don't let him get away with anything! I give vivian choices and if she doesn't want to choose the right thing she goes to her bed and screams and kicks and freaks out... SHe has quite a mouth on her thanks to her big brother so any kind of potty talk is the "greatest" right now.. but you just have to stick to your guns and not laugh and be in control. Booger butthole needs to find another name or he's not allowed in the house anymore!!

  6. I am sorry you have to deal with all this stress. I don't have any experience with this but I wanted to send you some {{HUGS}}.

    Happy ICLW!(#64)

  7. OMG!! That name is so funny!! But I can't even imagine the looks you get in Wally mart when he says that. Maybe you could just start shortening it yourself to Boogie and just keep calling him that... I have to say I did laugh out loud at this one though! Good Luck with that little man it sounds like he is a fireball!! Thanks for stopping by

  8. It's crazy the way kids find just the right way to humiliate parents. Don't worry, you can have your revenge when they hit puberty!

    Happy ICLW!

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