Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chugging Along & A Loss in the Family

I'm currently 25w3d pregnant, and things are moving along smoothly. We found out that we are having another girl. Naming her has been nothing but complicated. We will find a name that we like but then end up finding out another family member or a family friend has the same name. So, then we go looking another name. At this rate she may very well come into the world nameless unfortunately.

Speaking of pregnancy I have to take the 3hr GTT , again. So not thrilled. My OB said in early pregnancy sometimes the mother can have GD & not know it b/c the body masks its symptoms. I'm hoping I pass it. I feel nothing like I did with *A* this go around, so we will see. Pray I pass it b/c I don't want to have to take insulin & feel like I'm starving myself by following the diabetic diet.

In other news... my aunt recenty passed away. I feel numb to the loss so far, but I'm sure the tears will fall at her service. The hardest part has been dealing with my Dad. It was his sister that passed & she was younger than him. He's been taking it rough. He even threatened suicide the other day which has taken a toll on me. Him and I have a love-hate relationship 90% of the time, however losing my Dad would kill me. Since, I'm the oldest my siblings have been looking to me take care of him and watch after him so he doesn't do anything stupid. Emotionally speaking from my stand pojnt, I can't deal with the stress while I'm pregnant. Truth be told I'd rather just avoid the situation. I'm hoping once my aunt is buried though that things with my Dad will calm down, but it's hard to tell.

Just please if you read and you are a rayi,g person, pray for peace at heart and mind for my family. Thank you.

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